A demo of watercolour in coffee

Still from video showing the making of an image with coffee and watercolour. Attentography. Graeme Balfour Art

This is an example of one of the more ‘muddy’ pieces where the colours are combined to a brownish mix. This to me reflects the more dull mind, where everything is mixed to a dull sludge. It’s noticeable how the piece dries much darker and less colourful than at the end of the sequence.  

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The journey to watercolours from light-through-glass-photography

I often get asked how and why I added painting with watercolours to photographing refracted light through glass. The simple answer is that while my fascination with light and glass continues, it is expression of the workings of the human mind that is the core of what inspires me. And to this end, the flow,…

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The Gold Angel has arrived

While packing up things after In Hope and Fear We Go at The Apartment #9 event, I noticed a shape emerging on the wall that made me think of an Angel. And since it was red and green and it was late November, I got to thinking maybe I could make something vaguely Christmassy with this.…

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Hope and fear on the beach

Light through bottle on the sand

While on the beach in Holkham Bay, Norfolk, I noticed the sunlight refracting through my bottle of water on to the sand. This got me thinking about the relative ease of my journey, full of hope for much-needed summer relaxation, compared to those crossing the Mediterranean hoping to arrive alive and dreaming of a life less…

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Charity shop glass with sunlight on Eastbourne beach July 2017

blue caustic refraction from sunlight through bowl on Eastbourne beach

Whenever I go somewhere, I look out for new glass objects in charity shops. I was very happy to find this beautifully curved blue bowl in Eastbourne. I then just had to try out its refractive qualities using the direct sunlight on the beach. All images were taken with iPhone 7 plus as an initial…

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