The Gold Angel has arrived

red and green glass objects refracted onto a white wall showing a red winged shape with a green head.While packing up things after In Hope and Fear We Go at The Apartment #9 event, I noticed a shape emerging on the wall that made me think of an Angel. And since it was red and green and it was late November, I got to thinking maybe I could make something vaguely Christmassy with this.

There was one problem, however. I couldn’t find a way to get the camera at the right angle to take the ‘angel’ without either the glass objects being visible or the camera disrupting the light source.


An arrangement of differently coloured glass objects with a light shining though onto a sheet of perspex.After much experimentation, I came up with the idea of projecting not onto the wall but onto a sheet of semi-opaque perspex and then taking the photo from the other side. This loses some of the crispness of the shapes made. However, I decided to work with it and see what I could come up with.

Light through glass projected onto perspex

Then after hours of trying different things, the Sklo Union Amber Glass ‘Lens’ Vase, Rudolf Schrotter Pattern number: 914/20 created a beautiful golden glow. And so the Gold Angel came to be.



And today the cards arrived from Moo Print and I put them into plastic sleeves as the snow fell outside.
Greetings cards being put into plastic sleeves