An exploration of the mental turbulence of going

Whenever we go somewhere, we have some hopes, fears, desires and expectations. We may experience losses or gains by going.

These emotions create mental turbulence. 

'In hope and fear we go' is a reflection on this mental turbulence.

It asks us to consider the different extents of turbulence based on the motivation for going.

For leisure travel we may worry about whether we will get to the airport on time, or if we will be delayed, not to mention forgetting the passport.

When travelling for work, we may additionally worry about whether we will make the deal or the presentation goes well.

But ultimately, all this pales into insignificance in comparison to those who have to leave everything behind to flee to another country.

The piece reflects the ever turning mind, and its precarious, fragile nature. Sometimes, it all just falls apart.

In hope and fear we go started in 2017 and has evolved for a new showing in 2023.

In Hope and Fear we Go 2023.