As the mind turns

Sometimes the waves create beauty and harmony

Sometimes they are chaotic, messy, ugly

Sometimes, just dull

But they keep on turning making thier  mesh

in our heads.


This installation combines:

  • IMG_8846

    Video with sound

    The video represents the activity of life that generates thoughts, emotions, doubts, excitement, fear… And like life and mind, it includes some unexpected interruptions such as memories and old fears.

    The dancers and sound are from The Verdiales Festival, an annual local folk  competition in Málaga, December 2021.

    I took the photo of the bus stop on Bow Road E3 during times of physical distancing.

    The photo of "the lady in the box" is a memory of my grandmother, long gone, in childhood Scotland, serving endless cakes and biscuits.

  • IMG_8845

    Moving class and string

    This represents the continual turning of the mind, the interplay between the different thought and emotions that run through us endlessly

  • IMG_8847

    Still images - ink on board

    These pieces are snapshots of mental states, either single minds or the interplay between minds. Here, the flow of the colour through the water or coffee base is a representation of the way thoughts move through the mind.