In hope and fear we go

In hope and fear we go is an ongoing exploration of the idea that when we go somewhere, be it for leisure, for work or to flee some adversity, there is some mental disturbance, the mind turning over thoughts of hopes, fears, desires, doubts.

The original idea came while noticing the sunlight refracting through my bottle of water on the beach in Holkham Bay, Norfolk. This got me thinking about the relative ease of my journey, full of hope for much-needed summer relaxation, compared to those crossing the Mediterranean hoping to arrive alive and dreaming of a life less dangerous.

These ideas were further fuelled by Another Crossing, a project by artists Giovanna Del Sarto and Bern O’Donoghue which examines the European humanitarian crisis through a combination of photography, installation, and discussion at Poplar Union, curated by Paolo Fiorentini.

Steps leading up to the glass objects in different colours with light passing through on to a screen behind. A video is playing above showing various scenes of sea and travel.
The mixed media installation, In hope and fear we go.


Wooden steps lead up to a platform–an old school desk–housing various glass objects in different colours.

Light passes through on to a screen behind. Three glass objects are balanced on a turning platform to create a movement of colour and texture on the main screen.

A video is playing on a smaller screen above showing various scenes of sea, travel and dance with a soundtrack of travel sounds, music from the original video footage, footsteps and a fog horn.

Glass objects used in the installation In hope and fear we go.
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