Exploring the human mind through mixed media.


BowMesh asks us to reflect on: What we keep and destroy though layers of local history? What is the relationship between locality and identity? How do landmarks, industries, authorities and symbols influence identity? How fragile is this whole construct? How might different localities and the cultural influences found there alter this relationship?     BowMesh…

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Watercolour on paper
Ink and resin on gesso board
Embrace 2021
Ink and resin on gesso board

Exploring aspects of the human condition using mixed media, including refracted light through glass, watercolour, ink and video.

My interest in optical caustics developed over many years after noticing the sun shining through a vintage Murano glass dish one day. The shapes formed reminded me somehow of mathematical curves and experimenting with Spirograph as a child.

Now, I love to visit somewhere new, find a glass object in a charity shop and try it out with natural light.

2003-11-17 10.30.22
water running through grooves in the sand

Additionally, study of the Yoga Sutras and eastern philosophy introduced me to the concept of Samskaras (संस्कार), which may be thought of as impressions, or tracks, in the mind leading to habitual patterns of thought. Through practice, these tracks may be redefined. This ancient concept has much in common with modern-day neuroscience descriptions of neuroplasticity.

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In hope and fear we go – #23


MindMesh #22

Embrace 2021

Embrace 2021

Still from video showing the making of an image with coffee and watercolour. Attentography. Graeme Balfour Art

A demo of watercolour in coffee

0107 2018-04-21 12.46.08-1

The journey to watercolours from light-through-glass-photography

In two minds (lower mind) by Graeme Balfour

In two minds – an installation in progress for the Apartment #10 event


The Gold Angel has arrived

Steps leading up to the glass objects in different colours with light passing through on to a screen behind. A video is playing above showing various scenes of sea and travel.

In hope and fear we go

2017-06-17 16.49.29-2

In the studio

Light through bottle on the sand

Hope and fear on the beach

blue caustic refraction from sunlight through bowl on Eastbourne beach

Charity shop glass with sunlight on Eastbourne beach July 2017

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